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  • BuyRocketMotors and Robert have saved us this TARC season. Super fast service and always there to answer questions. Couldn't be happier.

    Michelle D.
  • Just an unsolicited expression of appreciation for Robert and BuyRocketMotors - I've now placed several orders with BRM (not official, just my abbreviation :-), and I have been impressed and satisfied with each experience. Robert is incredibly responsive, communicative and helpful - he is a genuine pleasure to deal with. Every item I have ordered has been in stock, as shown on the website, and has shipped out the next (or on one case, the same) business day that it was placed. The prices are lower than anywhere else I've found, as well. (and I have looked around extensively!) Bottom line, this is a great place to purchase rocketry supplies and especially motors. I will keep coming back for all of the reasons I've described. THANK YOU for being such a great business!!

    Jim S.
  • I just received my LDRS motor order from Robert. What a great guy and what awesome service! In spite of Areotech not getting product out to their vendors as quickly as they should, Robert worked up a great price for the non-stock motors I wanted, and shipped them to me in plenty of time for the trip to LDRS. I always enjoy working with him, and you should too! Unlike some of the rocket equipment dealers I’ve dealt with over the years, this guy is the real thing!

    Dave B
  • Picked up one of the LOC deals and got it today... Awesome packaging. There will be no question that anything you order will be shipped to you undamaged. The prices on the motors they can ship non-hazmat are very competitive. Glad to have them as a dealer and will be ordering more to come!

    Jesse U.
  • WOW! After waiting almost 3 months for a "Midwestern" dealer to deliver 2 orders (the first one - got sold at LDRS 6 weeks after my order) and the second - ???????? - I got fed up with waiting and placed an order with Robert. On a holiday weekend, no less. In less than 1 hour, I'd made my order, had great communication with Robert over a glitch (PayPal, not his site) and was told that the motors would ship on Tuesday. Sure enough, Tuesday AM - I got notification that Fed-Ex had the shipment, and I'll have my motors on Friday. Now all I have to do is get my money back from that low-life Midwestern dealer. BRAVO, Robert!!!

    Dave B.