Quest E26 Q-Jet - Single Use - 2 Pack

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AeroTech/Quest is pleased to announce the Tripoli certification and immediate availability of the new O-Jet24mm x 70mm E26W single-use composite propellant model rocket motors.

The new E26W Q-Jet composite propellant model rocket motors are smaller, lighter and more powerful than traditional black powder [BP] rocket motors. These new rocket motors feature aerospace-grade White Lightning propellant, AeroTech's most popular propellant formulation. White Lightning produces a brilliant white exhaust plumebright white smoke and a throaty roar at lift-off.

New 24mm x 70mm E26W Q-Jets are packaged as complete Launch Packs with 2 motors, initiators (igniters) and parachute recovery wadding, in attractive retail display clamshells with a full-color instruct ion, motor specifica­tion and performance insert. All Q-Jets are competitively priced with traditional BP model rocket motors.

The Q-Jet E26W is a high thrust "E" with a 27.9 N-sec. total impulse and a 1.2 second burn time. It has the same total impulse as an E9 BP motor , but is only 68.1% the weight of that motor. It has 2.2% more total impulse than the E12 BP motor and is 74.9 % the weight of the that motor. The Q-Jet E26W has either the same or greater total impulse as the E9 and E12 BP motors and is significantly lighter than both. The new O-Jet E26W model rocket motor is available in 3 time delays: E26-4W, E26-7W & E26-10W.